New Puppy - Kitten Care

We know you want the best for your new puppy or kitten, and we want to help you make sure you don’t miss a trick! Take a look at our guide below.


Preventative Care

Puppies and kittens have a talent for getting into everything! And with an immature immune system, it’s even more important to make sure they are protected against disease by having them vaccinated and keeping them indoors until the vaccine has taken effect.

Did you know that many puppies are born with roundworms? Kittens on the other hand can contract these worms through their mothers milk. Untreated, these worms can cause lethargy, a dull coat and gastro-intestinal upset which is why we recommend worming as soon as your puppy or kitten is old enough and as often as your Vet recommends until you are able to move on to a preventative schedule. This not only prevents your new pet from picking up roundworm again, but also protects against many more and potentially harmful worms in the environment such as lungworm, whipworm and tapeworm.

Fleas and ticks are a problem for both puppies and kittens. In facts, the most common flea (even amongst puppies!) is the cat flea. When it comes to fleas, prevention is most certainly better than cure as fleas are clever creatures and it can often take many treatments be be rid of them entirely. By keeping your puppy or kitten protected from fleas and ticks, you are not only saving them from irritating itching, but fleas cant act as an intermediate host to tapeworm leading to further health problems.

We use only the most modern preventative healthcare treatments for your pet so you know they are covered.

Micro Chipping

Micro chipping is now compulsory in puppies over the age of 8 weeks and strongly recommended for kittens as well. Micro chipping is a permanent and safe way to reunite you and your pets should they ever get lost. According to Petlog, they have helped to reunite over 9 million pet owners with their lost pets!

Health Plan

At Culverden Vets, all of the above plus much more is included in our Health Plan! For a fixed price every month, your new addition will be covered for all of their preventative healthcare needs as well as regular health checks, free nurse clinics and discounts on food, neutering and more! See (LINK) for more information


Socialisation can often be overlooked when it comes to raising a puppy or kitten. After all, those first few months can be a whirlwind of toilet training and research! But socialisation, especially in puppies, is an extremely important aspects to raising an outgoing and well rounded pet.

For kittens, this means that they should have as many new interactions as possible during their first 2 months of life. Anything they experience during this time is much less likely to be so scary later so meeting new people, travelling in a carrier and plenty of handling is key to letting your kitten know these are normal parts of life and not to worry should they come across them again.

For puppies, this is also true but puppies and dogs in general have a much higher need for inter-species social interaction. While our dogs love us, they do benefit from interaction from other dogs and so ensuring that they are able to have fear-free and well-mannered playtime with their canine counterparts facilitates this. Puppies have a slightly longer socialisation period but they will gain the most from any puppy socialisation usually before 10 weeks of age. This can be an especially small window if your puppy is already 8-9 weeks and they are restricted to the backyard since they have not yet finished their vaccine course! Puppy parties are an excellent solution to this problem. These parties allow other puppies to experience play time in a safe environment while learning normal dog to dog interaction including fine tuning their nipping!

Our Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough Surgeries are currently offering puppy parties every week with clients from Wadhurst welcome to attend. See here for more details.


Insurance can be confusing with all of the different companies and policy types! At Culverden Vets, we strongly recommend insuring your new puppy or kitten so that you can rest easy knowing that their treatment options won’t be restricted when it counts. Although we cannot advise on specific pet insurance companies, we can help you understand the policy types and what kind of coverage you would have should you be interested in purchasing a policy.