Preventative Care

Prevention is easier than cure. Which is why your pet will benefit from preventative treatment for conditions, before they arise. Our vets and nurses, know every animal is different, so offer advice on:

Parasite control:

  • We are available to offer advice on parasite prevention including a suitable schedule and product to keep your pet protected from fleas and worms. We always assess your pet as an individual and take their lifestyle, their location and your preferences into consideration when developing their preventative schedule
  • Should you pet be affected by fleas or worms, we will be happy to talk you through the best way to treat and control an infestation including treating your pet’s environment


Choosing to protect your pet from preventable diseases is an important decision. We are always on hand to discuss our vaccination protocol with you and you can rest assured that we only use the minimum proven number of vaccinations required to provide protection

Regular check ups

Regular health checks throughout your pet’s life are vitally important to catching and managing issues in the early stages. We recommend:


  • Bringing puppies for a 6-month adolescent health check to ensure they are on schedule for their growth and development
  • Adult pets should be brought for a health check at least once a year- this can normally be done during their annual vaccination
  • Senior pets should also be brought for regular check ups to ensure they remain comfortable and healthy as they enter their golden years

Nurse Clinics

Our highly trained team of Veterinary Nurses are available to assist you with many of your pets preventative care needs including dental care, nail clipping and weight control. See for more information


Pet Health Plan

  • The Culverden Health Plan includes all of the preventative care mentioned above plus many other discounts including discounts on prescription diets, neutering and much more!
  • Our Health plan is not a ‘one size fits all approach’. Different options are available to suit you and your pets lifestyle. See for more information